The Committee ‘BE ABLE’ would like to pay tribute to especially the sponsors who made this event possible

Overall video Breaking Barriers | Wheelchair Tennis 2013

Reporting from Country Club of Port de Plaisance

For the second consecutive year the International Wheelchairtennis Tournament "Breaking Barriers" will be a great success on the courts of the Country Club of Port De Plaisance. Read the whole article

Documentary Awareness Week

View this beautiful documentary about the physically challenged on St. Maarten made by the Top Promotion Foundation, the ‘Be Able’ Comittee and Defix-Media.

Breaking barriers - Koos de Klerk: On the road to recovery

Koos de KlerkStrong, fit and in control - that is how Koos de Klerk would have described himself, until two and a half years ago when a blood clot lodged in his brain caused a stroke.

At 53, he was responsible for security at Royal Palm Resort. Each morning he ran from his home in Cay Hill to his job, and each evening he would run home. A self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, he had once even completed a double-length marathon (which he described as boring) and was a keen triathlete (more interesting because there is not only running, but biking and swimming as well). Distance swimming was becoming a new passion, and at the time of his stroke, he was actively training for a swim from Anguilla toSt. Martin with some like-minded sports buddies. Read more >>

Angela Richards speaks on Breaking Barriers

Angela Richards on Breaking BarriersFormer First Lady Angela Richards is the president of Special Olympics St. Maarten Foundation, established eight years ago. In this interview, Angela speaks to us about her involvement with "Special Olympics" and "Committee Be Able" and why it‘s important that we, the community, get involved.

Earlier this year, Angela was approached by Henri Brookson of Top Promotion Foundation (the main source of the committee Angela is on) to become a member of Committee Be Able, which brings awareness to St. Maarten about the "differently-abled." Part of spreading this awareness involves bringing Paralympics athletes to our island. Some 12 athletes who are currently competing in the Paralympics, London, will be here in St. Maarten during the week of November 23 through December 2, to help the foundation spread awareness through various activities, including a high level wheelchair tennis tournament. Read more >>

Editorial Today St. Maarten: Awareness week

The Top Promotion Foundation‘s initiative to set up an event to highlight not only the challenges but also the capabilities of disabled citizens is nothing less but excellent. This is not just a fun event whereby international wheelchair tennis players are going to whack a ball over a net: it is an event that focuses the attention on a forgotten group.
Wheelchair bound citizens have a tough time on our island: most of our sidewalks - if there are sidewalks at all - are not designed with wheelchair users in mind. Public buildings are impenetrable fortresses for these citizens; just picture the A.C. Wathey legislative hall and the parliament building.
The awareness week will bring all this to the forefront. It‘s a first step in a justified and noble direction. To make this meaningful however, our decision makers have a lot of work to do - from showing an interest in the first place, to taking decisions that benefit all our citizens, including those with a disability. <<